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After five successful events, TedxMoncton has decided to take a step back and mentor a youth committee to hold their very own TedxYouth@Moncton event. This event, sponsored by Birchmount, will be held by students under the mentorship of the TedxMoncton committee.

"We felt it was time for local youth to hit the stage and what better way to do it then under the established TedxMoncton brand." states Trish Dailey, a teacher from Birchmount and a member of the TedxMoncton committee .

This year’s speakers were selected to share their ideas on how to encourage "Sustainable Lifestyles". The sustainability of the planet or of our way of life is the most important issue facing future generations. It is important to give a platform for the next leaders to voice their opinions and hopefully influence positive change when it's so urgently needed.

Join us to see 8 youth speakers explore a broad range of ideas.

We would like to thank our amazing sponsors this year that have dedicated themselves to helping us hosting a successful event.   Your vote of confidence in our youth speakers is something that the committee appreciates and words cannot express what it means to us.  

Here they are: 


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Program at a Glance

6:00 PM Doors Open  
  TED Video: TEDx Introduction  
  Opening Remarks  
  CBC Interview with Jonna Brewer  
  CBC Sizzle Reel  
  Talk Evolving With Mental Health Brooklyn Wilkins
  Talk How Do We Stop Bullying? Alain Pelletier
  Talk The Power of Passionate Learning: Solving Real Problems Right Now. Beth Stevens
  Talk Cycle of Engagement in the Climate Crisis Quinn MacAskill
  Talk It’s 2019: The World Needs Women Skye Ables
  Talk The Fight to Find Motivation Amaya Leger
  Talk Will You Manage Your Money or Will it Manage You? Darlene Smith
  Talk Life and Death: Sustainable Death Solutions for Sustainable futures Mackenzie Lawrence
9:00 PM Closing Remarks  

This year's speaker talk descriptions

Skyelar Ables

It’s 2019, the world needs women

There are 131 million girls that are not in school and many millions more that don’t get a quality education. My journey has me questioning if it is really the school system's fault or if it's a culture of diminishing women to their looks that is creating this epidemic of girl's not reaching their potential? If we are going to have a sustainable world, we must give girls a pathway to fulfill their educational promise.

Alain Pelletier

School personnel tend to intervene logically by educational means. Themed days, bracelets, sweaters, posters ... We understand here that educational interventions are essential to reduce bullying at school, but impossible to think that they will end it! We learn the role of the teacher when comes to intervene with a situation of intimidation and how to detect, intervene and act as a trusted builder rather than a safety officer.

Amaya Leger

The fight to find motivation 

Amaya will detail her journey to find her motivation and talk about how to encourage yourself to be motivated by evaluating certain aspects of your life.

Quinn MacAskill

Cycle of Engagement in the Climate Crisis

Quinn MacAskill will speak about the important role that climate art can play in the climate crisis. She will explore how climate art can pull people into the cycle of engagement in the climate crisis and provide a personal example of climate art and describe how it has helped her realize the power of climate art in inspiring people to take action. 

Brooklyn Wilkins

Evolving With Mental Health

In today's society, you need to be experienced, adaptable and determined in order to be successful. In order to get there you need step out of your comfort zone and learn who you are by experimenting with life. The question is, how do we do that? And more importantly, how do we remain sane throughout the process?

Darlene Smith

Will you manage your money or will it manage you?

Why it is important to learn how money works now, before it’s to late and you stay in the vicious money debt trap cycle. Key is to learn the rules of the money game and decide Who will be in control, YOU or Your Money? One key to success is to learn the important habit to manage your money starting today. Plus, understand why you would need more education about money moving forward.

Beth Stevens

The power of passionate learning: Solving real problems right now

Beth will be talking about the power of passion fueled learning and how it has made an impact on her life. She will also be talking about why it is crucial to teach solutions to real problems to kids in the classroom.

Mackenzie Lawrence

Life and Death: Sustainable Death Solutions for Sustainable futures

Social norms surrounding discussion on death are challenged in this talk where we discuss the power of advocating for your own "good" death. Learn options to take for alternative forms of burial that have an environmentalist's spin. Confronting your own mortality has never been more Green!

Meet your event committee members

Branwyn Kennedy

Branwyn is,and always has been, a very responsible individual and isincredibly wise beyond her age. She is involved in many extracurricular activities, such as Sistema Concerts, Drama Fests as well as District Math Competitions and is always eager to learn new things.Branwyn always has a smile on her face and is always up for new adventures with her amazing friends.

Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan is an inquisitive individual who takes pride in her learning. She consistently takes a leadership role in her classroom and outside of it. She volunteers regularly at businesses around her community and lends a helping hand to the environment. She is passionate about change and self-growth and always puts her all into every project that she takes on.Emma constantly pushes for change and improvement in her life

Jamie Leclerc

Jamie Leclerc grew up in Grand Falls, NB, but has called Moncton her home since she was 20. Jamie finished her Bachelors in Education in 2011 and has been working on her Masters while teaching in the Anglophone East School District.She has always been very involved in her school community and has always encouraged her students to be compassionate global citizens. Jamie enthusiastically applies herself to her Volleyball Coaching while running the school Environment Club, as well as leading her school in various Environmental activities.

Trisha Daley

A transplant to Moncton, Trish grew up outside Truro, NS. After high school, Trish moved to PEI to pursue an education in Accounting. Despite enjoying numbers, Trish realized she enjoyed people more and transferred to an Arts program to major in English and minor in Women’s Studies. She followed up her BA with a B’Ed in Primary Education with a specialization in International Education.

During her education degree, Trish was able to experience teaching at the Early Childhood level and truly loved it. Blessed with an employer who became an amazing mentor, Trish spent almost 10 years teaching at Campus Kids Childcare Centre at UPEI. After a short stint in the public school system, Trish became acutely aware of the need to rethink our current system to help our youth become engaged, confident members of society.

After officially moving to NB in 2013, Trish took a break from teaching children and began to informally teach adults in a completely unexpected setting: the retail market. In her current position, she helps people realize the importance of communication, physical fulfillment, and that we are not alone in our struggles.

Trish is passionate about teaching, particularly in the Sexual Health and Wellness realm, performing Burlesque, pole and aerial hoop fitness, and singing(even though she’s not very good). She is very excited to be joining the amazing TEDxMoncton team, and is looking forward to helping provide opportunities for open communication.

Jérémie Bourque

Jérémie Bourque has been a maritimer all of his life and has no plans to leave his home here in New Brunswick.

Jérémie has been interested in technology as long as he can remember, ever since his parents first bought a family computer. His experience in the design and delivery of software cuts across a variety of industries including the government and mental-health sector. He is happiest when trying his best to learning emerging technologies and working in development teams on purpose-driven software.

Jérémie is currently a CTO of a rapidly growing technology startup that specializes in offering mental-health tools to students.

He became interested in volunteering for TedxMoncton to meet like-minded people that are life-long learners and are passionate about exploring ideas. Jérémie is a lover of animals, big supporter of animal-related charities and can usually be found spending time with his sheepdog Ozzy.