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TEDxMoncton is thrilled to announce its official line-up of speakers for this year’s conference, Cohesive Inspiration. On April 14 2018, nine amazing speakers will take the stage to introduce the audience to new and exciting ideas.  

There will also be a performance by the Sistema NB Children Wind Orchestra.   

Sistema is an organization that is making a difference through music. Sistema NB has verified the possibility of transformative social change through music and the orchestra.  They have demonstrated that great art is for everyone and that it has the power to improve the lives of children and their families and enhance our society.  They have shown that for children, an orchestra means joy, motivation, discipline, teamwork - that it builds confidence and self-esteem and that it is incredibly fun.

Join us with host David Myles for what is sure to be a great night. 

host David Miles


Program at a Glance

6:30 PM Doors Open  
  TED Video: TEDx Introduction  
  Opening Remarks David Myles
  Talk What Were You Thinking? Joe Grondin
Talk  If we just want the best people, how do we get them?
Vanessa Paesani
  Talk Crisis of Confidence: How Digital Can Save Government Scott Brison
  Talk Choices Jason Capson
  Talk  How Data and Algorithms Are Dominating The Economy - A Lesson We Learned Four Decades Ago Chen Sun
  Talk Making good sounds is not good enough! Ken MacLeod
  Talk It all starts..., with You. Karen Biggar
  Talk What did two years in Canada teach me Tareq Hadhad
  Talk How to improve democracy Dawn Arnold
  Closing Remarks  

This year's speaker talk descriptions

Joe Grondin

What Were You Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what children think when they do something incomprehensible? We
shake our heads and struggle to understand. Understanding how our children think allows us
the ability to cohesively inspire them to live the life they are meant to live. There is a
tremendous amount of research that shows us a snapshot of how children think and how their
brain develops. This knowledge closes the generational gap between adults and children
allowing grown-ups the luxury of spending less time trying to understand and more time
strategizing ways to inspire them. Joe Grondin developed a fun talk that will explore how
children think with the hopes of inspiring us to work with our youth in a more complimentary

Scott Brison

Crisis of Confidence: How Digital Can Save Government

“Democratic government legitimacy. Is there an app for that?” Mr. Brison’s take on Cohesive Inspiration will focus on the power of Digital. Ever wonder why your government can’t deliver the same level of service in renewing your passport as Amazon offers you in buying a book? Join the discussion on April 14th at TEDxMoncton 2018 and be sure to follow Mr. Brison on Twitter at @scottbrison!

Vanessa Paesani

If we just want the best people, how do we get them?

Have you heard this before, ‘We just want the best people’?  Maybe you’ve said it.  I know I’ve both heard it AND said it. So what gets in the way of getting the best people?  What made orchestras implement blind auditions in the 70s? How come only 4% of venture capital investment goes to women? Do we really need inclusion riders or policies?  Join me at TEDxMoncton to explore getting out of our own way in the search of the best people - and hopefully we turn this into an even bigger discussion.


Jason Capson


How the choices we make each and every day with regards to our health and fitness can affect how we handle life. When life is rough, we all make choices. Oftentimes, the choices we make just exaserbates the situation. We turn to alcohol or drugs or junk food. Making healthy choices is not always easy but it is ALWAYS the best choice. Choosing exercise and healthy nutrition has helped me overcome ALL that life has thrown at me and it has helped thousands of clients as well. It's about being the best version of you possible.

Chen Sun

How Data and Algorithms Are Dominating The Economy - A Lesson We Learned Four Decades Ago

Big data is becoming a buzzword now, and people immediately associate it with tech giants and internet superstars that emerged in recent years. But did you know - this trendy concept is actually much older than you, or even your grandparents? Why didn't we hear about it until recently?

Chen Sun, a geeky economist, will share his story titled ''How Data and Algorithms Are Dominating The Economy - A Lesson We Learned Four Decades Ago.''

He'll also carry out a small experiment on stage to demonstrate an alarming signal to our future economy. One that you may want to know about before it affects all of us.

Ken MacLeod

Making good sounds is not good enough!

Making music is great.

But making music also has great power to change children’s lives for the better.

When children are left out in society, the consequences are devastating. With no way to belong, grow and thrive, they lose precious potential; hope drains away and their futures are jeopardized.

But learning to play an instrument and perform in an orchestra opens a radically different path. When given that opportunity, children experience beauty not only in the music but also in their lives.

Who wouldn’t want that for all of our children?

Karen Biggar

It all starts..., with You.

It’s time to listen to your body and control your mind. Your body holds the key to how you wear your story. Inspiration to live your best life stems from a healthy mind/body concept.

Tareq Hadhad

What did two years in Canada teach me

We are growing up in a world that lacks leadership and certainty. If entrepreneurship connects to societies in a positive way, that will drive the change. Tareq Hadhad describes his experience in Canada as a newcomer since 2015.

Dawn Arnold

How to improve democracy

There is no question we are living in tumultuous times and politics is often seen as a nasty business. Does it need to be? There are things each of us can do to improve our democratic system: Vote, Participate and Engage.