Elected as Mayor in May 2016, Dawn Arnold brings a vision to move Moncton forward by building a stronger, more transparent and economically sound City. She was first elected in 2012 as councillor-at-large and quickly earned the reputation of being one of Moncton’s most active, involved and accessible councillors.

In her mandate as Mayor, Dawn, in collaboration with Council, will see through the responsible completion of several key projects. She has also committed to keeping City Hall open for businesses and making it easier for local businesses to grow and thrive.


Tareq Hadhad, the founder of Peace by Chocolate and one of the Top 25 Immigrants to The Maritimes moved to Canada in Dec 2015 as a Syrian newcomer.

He studied medicine at Damascus University and proceeded to join the medical relief efforts for the Syrian refugees with UNHCR and WHO through a local organisation when he arrived in Lebanon in 2013 as a refugee himself.


Karen Biggar has over 20 years of experience in health and wellness as a practicing Registered Nurse.

Her education includes a Master’s in Nursing with a Teaching Focus from Athabasca University following a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UPEI.

Over the past 10 years, Karen has specialized in Mental Health and Addictions in both the teaching and clinical capacity.

Her interests include healing from trauma and post-traumatic stress.


Ken MacLeod has been a leader in the not-for-profit sector for more than 30 years—as a volunteer, board member, senior manager, donor, and consultant.

Ken is President and CEO of the internationally-acclaimed New Brunswick Youth Orchestra. He has lead, over the past fifteen years, the development of what is today known as one of the most accomplishment youth orchestra programs in Canada.


Chen was born and raised in China, where he witnessed and experienced the historical economic transition, and its impact to the society during the last four decades.

Afterwards he moved to the east coast of China and earned his first degree in economics and then worked for a multinational consumer goods brand as a marketer. Thanks to this part of his career, Chen was able to observe how the economy works at both the macro and micro level, as well as the behaviours of its participants.


Jason Capson is a seasoned health, fitness and nutrition expert. He is a certified sports nutritionist; an elite level prep coach and a lifelong learner. He is currently completing courses to obtain his RHN, as well as, naturopath designations. 

A serial entrepreneur - Jason is co-founder and CEO of Sculpt Health and Wellness Inc (10 locations across the country); the co-founder and owner of Team Chiselled Contest Prep; co-founder and owner of East Coast Athlete (a local sports apparel company) and a Strength and Conditioning coach for the Moncton Magic.


Vanessa Paesani launched Amplify East earlier this year because she knows there isn’t a supply problem of inspiring women in Atlantic Canada. Vanessa’s amplifying the stories of inspiring women because she believes diverse and visible role models are critical to the stories we tell ourselves about what's possible.

Vanessa’s had a wide-ranging career to date – she’s run a large music festival, sold technical equipment, and led a number of non-profits and initiatives focused on education and empowerment.


Scott Brison is happiest when thinking ahead, driving change and breaking boundaries.

Dazzled by digital as an investment banker during the dot.com boom, Scott was befuddled as Paul Martin’s Public Works minister when asked to approve unnecessarily complex, multi-million-dollar government IT projects that seemed unrelated to user needs.

A decade later, named Treasury Board President by the Honourable Justin Trudeau in 2015, he was disappointed by how little had changed in the murky world of government IT planning and procurement. There’s got to be a better way.


Joe Grondin has been busy travelling the globe to pursue his passions. Recent destinations include Malaysia, Washington, and Las Vegas to participate in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Having qualified six times for the world championships, he has successfully placed in the top 10 on two occasions.

Last year, in Vancouver, Joe earned the Accredited Speaker designation for Toastmasters International and is now one of 75 people in the world who hold this distinction.